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Nisman's allegations, she said, were based on false information given to him by the former head of the intelligence services. In her second letter, published Thursday, she portrayed Nisman's death as a way to damage her administration.

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Cheap smartphones are a game-changer. “In the next 15 years mobile phone coverage will go up, the price will come down, gender equity will improve and online software will be flourishing,” Bill Gates predicted. This will revolutionize everything: agriculture, access to digital payments, low transaction costs, women’s empowerment and education.

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Yes, that is just another idea with no chance in this Congress, but Democrats should give it a strong embrace, especially in the wake of the House's adoption of rules this month that could set the stage for cuts in disability benefits.

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But there is an underlying truth under the tough-guy lie the Islamic State group would like to project: They’re running out of money. The threat to kill the two Japanese hostages is horrible, but it is also a sign of desperation by a militant group that is not going to be able to become what it wants — an actual, functioning state — unless it has the financial wherewithal to do so. Previous death threats have carried with them the demand that the international community back off of its fight against the rogue, murderous movement. This threat exposes the Islamic State group’s true weakness.

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The concept has been developing for some time. In particular, the Swiss architect and economist Walter Stahel put forward the concept of a "cradle to cradle" economy in a paper he wrote for the European Union in 1976.