fresh house bread is served with all entrées
all of our meats are naturally-raised,
antibiotic & hormone free

• seafood (seasonal – price varies) •
salmon • halibut • tuna • whitefish • prawns

• soy tamarind marinade, grilled & served over asian cabbage slaw & jasmine rice.
• mustard seed vinaigrette served over arugula with herbed breadcrumbs & lemon polenta.
• red curry coconut sauce, asian cabbage salad & jasmine rice.
• caramelized onions & pears served with lemon polenta.
• niçoise-style: cold-poached with capers, olives, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, green beans, fingerling potatoes & tarragon aioli.
• smoked red pepper aioli & parmesan served over arugula salad with lemon polenta.
• lightly smoked; served with scallion crêpes, greens, red onion, cucumber & horseradish crema.
• baked in parchment with sun-dried tomatoes, shaved fennel, olives, preserved lemon, olive oil, fresh herbs & served with creamy mascarpone polenta.
• wrapped in banana leaves & grilled with ginger, lemongrass & kaffir lime leaves; topped with sweet-hot chili garlic glaze & served with jasmine rice.
• in creamy caper-lemon sauce (piccata); served with grilled vegetables & herbed polenta.
• grilled with a spicy sugar rub & served with grilled vegetables & potato gratin.

all chicken entrées are $23 pp
we use only free-range, hormone & antibiotic free chicken
• sri lankan-style (spicy) with chili, lemongrass, turmeric & cilantro; served with cool cucumber salad & basmati rice.
• thai peanut sauce with fresh mint & cilantro over somen noodles or jasmine rice, served with pickled cucumbers & gingered fruit salad.
• bbq’d in teriyaki & served over pineapple rice with pickled cucumbers.
• coconut curry & cashews served over jasmine rice with pickled cucumbers & gingered fruit salad.
• santa fe-style with poblano & red peppers, onions, cilantro, santa fe spices & sour cream over green rice.
• peanut mole with tortillas, mexican rice & beans.
• moroccan tagine with dried apricots, almonds & basmati rice; served with cool cucumber raita.
• jamaican jerk-style served with mango chutney & pineapple rice.
• cuban-style with chorizo, black beans & rice.
• grilled chicken, sausage & sage skewers with honey-mustard glaze; served with potato gratin.
• smoked chicken tossed with egg pappardelle, sweet potatoes, leeks, grana cream & fried sage.

• BEEF •
price depends on cut
all beef entrées are served with appropriate sides
• gorgonzola sauce.
• different butters such as red pepper, porcini mushroom, blue cheese, caramelized onions, truffle.
• balsamic reduction & onion confit.
• wild mushroom tapenade & caramelized onions.
• horseradish crema, porcini crust.
• bbq hoisin sauce.
• spicy harissa rub.
• london broil.

• PORK •
all pork entrées are served with appropriate sides
• double-cut chops served with sage cornbread crumb crust & pan gravy. $26 pp
• thai bbq baby back ribs. $25 pp
• brown sugar & bourbon baby back ribs. $25 pp
• short ribs with bbq hoisin sauce. $24 pp
• tenderloin stuffed with dried fruits & nuts, port glaze. $26 pp
• bacon-wrapped maple pork loin. $26 pp

• LAMB •
• stew with roasted root vegetables, butternut squash mashed potatoes. $22 pp
• shanks, slow braised with olives, white beans, tomato & fennel served over creamy polenta & kale. $23 pp
• rack with garden purée & mint; served with lemon polenta. $30 pp

• cajun meatloaf with caramelized onions, tomato remoulade & sweet potato gratin. $18 pp

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