bread and ocean’s dessert list

(we can make most everything gluten-free and a lot of
things vegan…just ask)
please, 5-7 days notice!

CUPCAKES: $2.50 each / $1.50 small (detailing extra)
chocolate devil’s food with choice of frosting
vanilla / yellow / lemon with choice of frosting
poppyseed cake with lemon curd filling
carrot with cream cheese frosting & candied ginger
coconut with passionfruit curd filling
spiced applesauce with caramel frosting
red velvet with orange buttercream
german chocolate
rosewater angelfood
tres leche cake

CHEESECAKES: $4 pp / individual $4.50 / minis $1.50
chocolate mascarpone with shortbread crust
pumpkin with ginger cookie crust
maple with ginger cookie crust
coconut with macadamia nut crust
lemon ricotta with seasonal fruit

BARS AND BROWNIES: $3.50 each / 10% discount on full pan
(any bars seen in the case can be made to order)
german chocolate
cheesecake (in bar form; see cheesecakes for flavors)
white chocolate-macadamia
energy with dried fruits & nuts

CAKES: (detailing extra – please ask for pricing)
6” 2-layer $25.00
6” 3 layer $35.00
8” 2 layer $35.00
8” 3 layer $50.00
9” x 13” sheet: 1 layer $35.00
9” x 13” sheet: 2 layer $50.00

 Download a printable version of the dessert menu >>