bread and ocean’s dessert list

we make an ever-changing variety of seasonal
& contemporary desserts – please ask!!
(we can make most everything gluten-free and a lot of
things vegan…just ask)
please, 5-7 days notice!

CAKES: $4 per person (detailing extra)

CUPCAKES: $2.50 each / $1.50 small (detailing extra)
rainbow velvet our signature with layers of red,
gold & chiogga beet-colored cake with orange
buttercream frosting
chocolate devil’s food with choice of frosting
vanilla / yellow / lemon with choice of frosting
poppyseed cake with lemon curd filling
carrot with cream cheese frosting & candied ginger
coconut with passionfruit curd filling
spiced applesauce with caramel frosting
red velvet with orange buttercream
german chocolate
southern caramel
pumpkin with maple frosting
upside down cakes: pineapple, pear, apple, cranberry
rosewater angelfood
tres leche cake
cardamom coffee cake

CHEESECAKES: $4 pp / individual $4.50 / minis $1.50
chocolate mascarpone with shortbread crust
pumpkin or sweet potato with ginger cookie crust
maple with ginger cookie crust
coconut with macadamia nut crust
brie with caramelized pears or apples
eggnog with ginger cookie crust
mango with coconut crust
lemon ricotta with seasonal fruit

BARS AND BROWNIES: $3.50 each / 10% discount on full pan
german chocolate
cheesecake (in bar form; see cheesecakes for flavors)
white chocolate-macadamia
energy with dried fruits & nuts

TARTS/PIES: small $4.50 large $18
apple with cheddar crust
banana cream
caramel nut
chocolate cream
coconut cream
seasonal fruit / vegetable

CAKES: (detailing extra – please ask for pricing)
6” 2-layer $25.00
6” 3 layer $35.00
8” 2 layer $35.00
8” 3 layer $50.00
9” x 13” sheet: 1 layer $35.00
9” x 13” sheet: 2 layer $50.00

OTHER YUMMY DESSERTS: prices vary – please ask for availability & pricing
fruit crumbles / crisp
thermo-nuclear chocolate device
pot de crèmes
mousses: chocolate-mascarpone, white chocolate,
mango, fresh fruit
cream cheese flan
lemon curd custard
ricotta custard
white or dark chocolate terrine
brittles: marcona almond, pumpkin seed, sesame, bacon

 Download a printable version of the dessert menu >>