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In Syria, Iran’s power is similarly rising. The mullahs rescued the reeling regime of Bashar Assad by sending in weapons, money and Iranian revolutionary guards, as well as by ordering their Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah, to join the fight. They succeeded. The moderate rebels are in disarray, even as Assad lives in de facto coexistence with the Islamic State, which controls a large part of his country.

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Jason Bay tried to help, but was driven into silence by his own struggles. Curtis Granderson arrived last year with a pleasant disposition, but a public persona that was so aggressively uninteresting that Wright remained the focal point.

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Now the big question: Who can save us from this annual, low-quality political theater? What candidate could promise to make the State of the Union address something other than a tradition that tortures? And have the candidates considered how many votes such a promise might reap?

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Kevin Smolen, YES’ Yankees producer, called Sterling on Thursday. They started talking about a recent dinner the two attended at Del Frisco’s in Manhattan with Michael Kay and John Moore (YES’ Yankees director). Sterling couldn’t finish his steak so he got it wrapped to go.

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While still a scourge in many corners of the world, measles has been all but eradicated in the U.S. since 2000 because of vaccinations. But the virus has made a comeback in recent years, in part because of people obtaining personal belief exemptions from rules that say children must get their shots to enroll in school.

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"It's an illusion to think he was just a rhetorician, a guy who skated over the issues. He was deeply immersed in all the detail, and all the technicalities. And that helped him to get the right answer."

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She’s in “A Path Appears,” a three-part PBS “Independent Lens” series on Mondays beginning Jan. 26. It’s a follow-up to “Half the Sky” which spotlighted sex trafficking, and features Alfre Woodward, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Garner, among other concerned celebrities.

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GE's profit margin for the industrial businesses, which WallStreet watches closely, rose by 0.5 percentage points to 18.8percent. The company is cutting costs and simplifying operationsto lift margins.

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"What the ECB is trying to do is enough to drive the eurobelow parity by the end of this year," said Shaun Osborne, chiefforeign exchange strategist at TD Securities in Toronto. He saidthe euro could hit 96 cents by the end of 2015.


A federal judge there ruled Jan. 15 that Caesars may have violated the Trust Indenture Act by selling off assets and stripping away investors' guarantees without their approval, as alleged by creditors.

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"People who walk in groups tend to have a more positive attitude toward physical activity, a shared experience of wellness, and say they feel less lonely and isolated. Taking regular walks can also be a catalyst for adopting other healthy behaviours," she noted.

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Ajay Sunder, of Frost & Sullivan's telecoms division, says as long as the user's content is not on a public domain and they feel secure that it will not be used for documentation purposes, people will continue to use such messaging apps.

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The five-year ban on Yingluck's political activities "represents a show of confidence by the junta, which feels that it has broken the back of the Pheu Thai Party" and their supporters, the Red Shirt movement, said Kevin Hewison, a Thai studies expert who heads the Asia Research Centre at Australia's Murdoch University.

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"Placed in context, a 1.2% growth in UK car manufacturing in 2014 represents a very successful year. The industry has overcome various challenges, including slower than expected EU recovery and weakness in some global markets," said Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive.

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"The challenge of free speech is when there's speech you really don't like," Gutmann said. "We have to live up to the challenge and stand by free speech when it's offensive speech, as well as when it's speech we like."

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He showed how this meant more advanced versions of the firm's popular Office programs Excel, Powerpoint and Word could be brought to handsets running Windows 10 than were possible under Windows Phone 8. He also demonstrated a new "universal" Photos app that collates and sorts pictures taken with different devices.

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Despite geopolitical shocks such as conflicts in Ukraine andthe Middle East, global M&A deal volumes surged 40 percent inthe year to Dec. 11, 2014, compared with the year before -- thehighest level since 2007.

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As for Disney's response to Papp's proposal? The executive apparently said to him, "Admiral, you might not understand: Here at Disney, it's in our culture to tell stories that project optimism and have happy endings."

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“We are seeing a surge in influenza activity, and this unfortunate death is a reminder to all of us that the flu can be deadly and needs to be taken very seriously,” said Dr. Robert Oldham, Placer County’s public health officer, in a release.

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Homegrown measles, whose symptoms include rash and fever,was declared eliminated from the United States in 2000. Buthealth officials say cases imported by travelers from overseascontinue to infect unvaccinated U.S. residents. The sometimesdeadly viral disease can spread very swiftly among unvaccinatedchildren.

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Syriza wants to ditch primary surplus targets, while still pursuing a balance between non-debt-related spending and revenues. It proposes to restore the minimum monthly salary from 586 to 751 euros ($657 to $842), provide free power and food coupons to 300,000 households, raise the tax-free income threshold from 5,000 to 12,000 euros ($13,500), reverse public sector firings and liberalize labor laws.

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"The minute he stops receiving it the degenerative effects of the disease will start and once they start, even if he gets it again in the future, you can't turn back the clock, that damage is done, it's permanent."