Goat Cheese Terrine • french montrachet layered with pesto, olive tapenade, roasted garlic & sun-dried tomatoes; served with baguette. $9/slice (enough for two)

Rice Paper Rolls • chicken, shrimp or veggies rolled in rice papers with cabbage, carrot, fresh mint & cilantro; served with hot chili-lime & peanut sauces. $10 pp

Crostini • toasted house bread with seasonal toppings. $4.50 pp

Tarts • seasonal ingredients in savory mini-shells. $6pp

Satays • chicken, beef, seafood, pork or veggies marinated in indonesian spices, grilled & served with hot chili-lime & peanut sauce. $10 pp

Yakitori • chicken, beef, seafood, pork or veggies marinated in teriyaki sauce & grilled with pickled vegetables. $10 pp

Stuffed Mushrooms • with herbed goat cheese. $1.50 each / with crab $2.50 each

Antipasto Tray • italian cured meats, cheeses, olives, grilled & marinated veggies served with crostini. $9 pp

Lemon Polenta Crostini • with fresh pea-mascarpone purée, white truffle oil & parmesan. $6 pp

Meze • an array of greek appetizers such as hummus, baba ghanoush, olives, chopped salad, tzatziki, marinated veggies; served with house pita bread. $9 pp

Prosciutto • wrapped asparagus bundles with truffle butter. $4 each

Savory Cream Puffs • stuffed with brie & apple chutney or goat cheese & caramelized onions or serrano ham & gruyère cheese or chicken salad or seafood salad or anything seasonal you can think of. $2.50 each

Ravioli • with seasonal fillings. $9 pp

Gnocchi • seasonal. $9 pp

Beet Terrine • layered with goat cheese, topped with orange-mint aioli. $8 pp

Red Lentil Pâté • with ras el hanout, curry oil & mango chutney; served with nigella seed flatbread. $9 pp

Gorgonzola Cheesecake • black pepper breadcrumb crust & sautéed pears. $9 pp

Black Bean Hummus • with fried tortillas, charred tomato salsa; served with pepita dip. $8 pp

Queso Fundido • mexican-style fondue with dry-jack cheese, chorizo; served with fried tortillas. $8 pp

Fondue • gouda, goat cheese, brie, gruyère or cheddar cheese; served with apples & bread. $8 pp

Chicken Liver Pâté • brioche toasts, grain-mustard butter & pickled vegetables. $10 pp

Mussels • poached in house green curry with coconut milk, kaffir lime & cilantro. $12 pp

Lamb Meatballs • served with cilantro-mint chutney. $9 pp

Rare-Seared Ahi Tuna • lemon-parsley oil, peperonata & fried capers. $12 pp

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